Support for ZoneMinder is primarily available via community resources such as the Forums, the Wiki pages, and our GitHub Tracker.

If you are after cusomisation, additional features or problem diagnosis etc then please contact us for rates.

If you have problems with ZoneMinder, the first thing to check is that you have followed all the installation instructions in the documentation. There is also a TroubleShooting section on that page which details fixes to some of the common problems encountered. Also check the Documentation pages on the site and see if any of the other documents present there address any of your issues. Finally the FAQ section of the Wiki contains several of the more common problems that crop up.

If you are unable to find anything using those resources that addresses your problem then the Forums on this site might be able to help. You will need to register before posting and before you do post please search through the Forums to see if your problem has been raised, and hopefully fixed, beforehand. Please follow the instructions in this post before creating a new thread. Also note that once registered with the forums you will also autmatically be registered for the Wiki with the same credentials so if you discover something that is not currently documented clearly, or at all, you can create a Wiki entry to cover it.

Note: If you are looking for the supported hardware list that was previously on this page, this has now moved to the Wiki.