Below you can find stable builds, as well as Live CDs, of ZoneMinder. If you are a little more adventurous, you can visit our github site. Be warned however that version may contain bugs and on occasion not build at all.

If you are a Gentoo user, ZoneMinder is available just by typing 'emerge zoneminder'. Thanks to the Gentoo web-apps team for making this available.

If you are a Debian user, Zoneminder is available in the "unstable" distribution. Thanks to Peter Howard for his considerable efforts in achieving this.

If you are an Ubuntu user, Isaac Connor is maintaining a PPA with an up-to-date ZoneMinder package.

If you are a RHEL/CentOS/SL user, Andrew Bauer is maintaining zmrepo with an up-to-date ZoneMinder package.

If you are a Fedora user, Andrew Bauer is maintaining zmrepo with an up-to-date ZoneMinder package.

Note that this page may not always be up-to-date. To view an up-to-date listing of our releases, please visit our release page at github.

ZoneMinder Stable Releases

Release 1.28.1 February 14th, 2015 DOWNLOAD ALT Change Notes Minor release focusing on RTSP improvements.
Release 1.28.0 October 18th, 2014 DOWNLOAD ALT Change Notes Major release focusing on change to PDO mysql php library and systemd support.
Release 1.27.0 March 15th, 2014 DOWNLOAD ALT Change Notes
Release 1.25.0 26th August 2011 DOWNLOAD  ALT  Documentation  Change Notes Major release primarily focusing on logging and debug revamp. A few other minor features and fixes also.
Release 1.24.4 30th May 2011 DOWNLOAD  ALT  Documentation  Change Notes Follow-up release containing upgrade and convenience improvements plus important config and system management fixes. 
Release 1.24.3 16th May 2011 DOWNLOAD  ALT  Documentation  Change Notes Long delayed release bringing ZM up-to-date with third party packages and some new features and fixes. 
Release 1.24.2 29th June 2009  DOWNLOAD  ALT  Documentation  Change Notes  Point release with usual mix of new features and fixes and tweaks. 
Release 1.24.1  23rd February 2009  DOWNLOAD  ALT  Documentation  Change Notes  Release addressing some issues discovered in 1.24.0 plus a small number of useful features 
Release 1.24.0  9th February 2009  DOWNLOAD  ALT  Documentation  Change Notes  Major architectural rework, multiple new features and security fixes. 

ZoneMinder Beta Releases

Other Downloads

ZoneMinder Virtual Appliance (1.25.0)LINKMichael Waldron has kindly made available a fully updated fresh VMWare Virtual Appliance. Please click on the link for full details and instructions.
ZoneMinder Virtual Appliance (1.24.2)LINKThanks to the endeavour of Viktor Petersson, its now even easier to try out ZoneMinder. A ZoneMinder Virtual Appliance is now available from the VMWare Virtual Appliance Marketplace. Please note that this version is most suited for use with Network Cameras as video capture card hardware is not generally supported by virtual servers..
SetPWCLINKAnyone with a Philips webcam may find a tool that Folkert van Heusden has written useful. It can be used to control many Philips specific options including frame rate, shutter speed, auto gain control etc which are not configurable directly through ZoneMinder. It also allows you to save and restore settings to and from NVRAM.
Cambozola v0.22  DOWNLOAD  This is an old version of Cambozola that sometimes works better than more recent ones. You should try this one if you get degraded or corrupted images when streaming real-time feeds or events.Please note that this is not an official download site for Cambozola and the availability of this version is not guaranteed. To get the latest version of Cambozola or other information about it please visit the Cambozola homepage

Older versions of the software can be found on the old downloads page.