The latest code is always available via our github repository. If your distro of choice has an out-of-date ZoneMinder package, you'll want to compile from our source code.

Source Code

You can clone our code repository with git, over HTTPS or over SSH, and then build the code locally:

# without keys, over https
git clone
# with keys, over ssh
git clone

You can also download the source code in a tarball. Instructions for compiling from source can be here.


If you are an Ubuntu user, Isaac Connor is maintaining a PPA with an up-to-date ZoneMinder package. The packages included in the default Ubuntu repos are out of date.


If you are a Gentoo user, ZoneMinder is available just by typing 'emerge zoneminder'. Thanks to the Gentoo web-apps team for making this available.


If you are a Debian user, Zoneminder is available in the "unstable" distribution. Thanks to Peter Howard for his considerable efforts in achieving this.

Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS

If you are a RHEL, Fedora, CentOS or SL user, Andrew Bauer is maintaining zmrepo with an up-to-date ZoneMinder package.


For Mageia users, Zoneminder is available in the distribution. Go to the Mageia Control Center -> Install and Remove Software. It's in the 'Security' category. A simple setup script (mentioned during install) allows ZoneMinder to work virtually 'out of the box'.