ZoneMinder documentation has now moved to the Wiki which is the first place to start. This will answer most of your questions and includes a TroubleShooting section to help address the most common problems. If you are after a brief overview of ZoneMinder then the screenshots page has a short visual tour of features and capabilities.

Ross Melin has created a handy user manual to go along with his extremely useful ZoneMinder LiveCD distribution. The manual features elements of the README along with illustrations to walk you through some common tasks you might need to do when using ZoneMinder, whether you are using the LiveCD version or not. You can either view the manual online or download it to view locally.

If you are running a Debian system then forum user Koenzie has written a special document describing how to install ZoneMinder on this distribution. The document can be downloaded from here and the forum thread that relates to it can be viewed here.

Slackware users also have their own document, written by another user, Dave Dumolo. SlackWare is organised slightly differently than most other distributions and has several pitfalls that can cause problems. Dave's document, which you can get from here, talks you through these. Although it is aimed at SlackWare users, there's helpful information in there for users of other distributions also. It was written for a fairly old version of ZoneMinder so some parts are no longer relevant but it's worth a read anyway.

If you are a Spanish speaker, then Mauricio Henriquez has put together a useful document describing the process of installing Zoneminder and containing useful tips. You can download it from here.

Feature List

  • Runs on any Linux distribution!
  • Supports video, USB and network cameras.
  • Support Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras, extensible to add new control protocols.
  • Built on standard tools, C++, perl and PHP.
  • Uses high performance MySQL database.
  • High performance independent video capture and analysis daemons allowing high failure redundancy.
  • Multiple Zones (Regions Of Interest) can be defined per camera. Each can have a different sensitivity or be ignored altogether.
  • Large number of configuration options allowing maximum performance on any hardware.
  • User friendly web interface allowing full control of system or cameras as well as live views and event replays.
  • Supports live video in mpeg video, multi-part jpeg and stills formats.
  • Supports event replay in mpeg video, multi-part jpeg, stills formats, along with statistics detail.
  • User defined filters allowing selection of any number of events by combination of characteristics in any order.
  • Event notification by email or SMS including attached still images or video of specific events by filter.
  • Automatic uploading of matching events to external FTP storage for archiving and data security.
  • Includes bi-directional X.10 (home automation protocol) integration allowing X.10 signals to control when video is captured and for motion detection to trigger X.10 devices.
  • Highly partitioned design allow other hardware interfacing protocols to be added easily for support of alarm panels etc.
  • Multiple users and user access levels Multi-language support with many languages already included Full control script support allowing most tasks to be automated or added to other applications.
  • Support external triggering by 3rd party applications or equipment.
  • xHTML mobile/cellular phone access allowing access to common functions
  • iPhone interface available