Welcome to the new look ZoneMinder website. Well, actually it's almost exactly the same look but fully updated behind the scenes. The main site is now running on Drupal rather than the creaky old CMS it used to use and the Forum and Wiki have also been updated to the latest version. This means I can add new pages and features, such as a bug tracker, to the site much more easily.

This page is where major announcements will be made, along with the Forum and generally also the Twitter feed which is shown here also.

If you find anything broken or just looks odd then please let me know via the Contact Form. The main site supports creating accounts for comments etc but, for now at least, these are separate than the Forum//Wiki accounts which are still linked. Please note that currently the new site is pretty much an exact clone of the old one so most of the content had just been copied over. I will be going through and removing old or broken links once this site is live.